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Family sports like Little Athletics are a great opportunity to spend time together.

The Little Athletics motto of ‘Family, Fun, Fitness’ highlights that it is an activity involving the whole family on a weekly basis.

Little Athletics is NOT a sport where you can drop your children and leave them unattended. We need every family’s help to run the events, set up and pack up! 

Athletics differs from team sports in that a number of events are conducted at the same time. Each age group requires at least THREE parents to run an event.

The usual way of running things is that you go around the field with your own child’s age group, helping as you go. This may include retrieving a shot put, measuring a long jump or recording results.

In order to receive your parent levy refund, you are required to attend 100% of the centre competition days that your child/children attend (at least 60% of the season) and need to actively help/participate in running all events for your child’s age group.

Parents/guardians must also assist with fundraising efforts by committing to sell one box of chocolates in our annual fundraiser.

If you have any questions about  fundraising or how to help as a parent, please speak to one of our committee.

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