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Beaudesert & Districts Little Athletics Club is recognisable by our distinct yellow, black and white club uniform.

Consisting of a club shirt and black shorts, the uniform is to be worn for competitions each Saturday and for any carnivals or championships.

Athletes don't have to wear the uniform to training sessions, comfortable clothes that allow for movement and adhere to our Sun Safe policy (see right) are fine for training.

Hat and sunscreen are also part of the uniform and must be worn for both training and competition days.

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Our uniform consists of a yellow and grey club shirt with club or plain black shorts/tights.

Bike pants/skins must be all black with no logos, stripes or any other markings allowed. Coloured stitching is permissible. Girls shorts/bike pants must be mid thigh length. If boys choose to wear bike pants/skins they must wear sports shorts over the top.

Athletes are able to wear a singlet/crop top when competing in an event. When not competing the athlete MUST wear the club shirt to be comply with our sunsafe policy.

Registration number is to be sewn on the front of the Centre Uniform. Please note if wearing a singlet/crop top you must also have your age patch visible on the front e.g. velcro to be able to move from one garment to another.

Age patch is to be sewn onto the left sleeve of the Centre Uniform. Please note if wearing a singlet or crop top you must have your age patch sewn onto the left leg of your pants.

Sponsor patch is to be sewn on the centre of the shirt, below the buttons.

Sensible running shoes are necessary for all events, except where the use of specialised shoes is permitted such as running spikes.

Spikes are allowed to be worn by Under 11 to Under 17 athletes in laned events, javelin and jumping events. Under 15–17 may wear spikes in all events (except walks).

Synthetic track: spikes must be no longer than 7mm.

Synthetic field: spikes must be no longer than 9mm.

Grass track or field: spikes must be no longer than 12mm.

For safety reasons spikes must be carried to the event and removed immediately after the event. Any athlete not exercising care when using spikes may be disqualified from wearing them for the remainder of the competition.

The club shirt is required for all athletes and costs $45. Additional uniform items are available, please talk to a member of the committee for more information on prices and availability.

Beaudesert & Districts Little Athletics Club takes sun safety seriously. Athletes are required to wear a hat/cap, shirts with sleeves and collars and to use broad spectrum 30+ sunscreen during all little athletics activities including training and competition.

As a Club we endeavour to provide shade wherever possible and have sunscreen
available for use at all times.

uniform options

In addition to our club shirt we also have a range of uniform options available.

Club Shirt

club shirt

Mens Singlet

male singlet



Ladies Singlet

female singlet



Crop Top